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Hi, I am Steve. I live in South East Louisiana. My regular day/night job is as a Paramedic with a busy metro EMS service. On my time off my passions are cooking/eating great foods and enjoying a nice craft beer. The food culture in Louisiana has always been stellar and will rival anywhere in the United States as well as the world. The Craft Beer scene, not so optimistic. This is a changing though as great craft beer breweries are a poppin’ up right and left around me.

This blog will have no real main focus. I plan on musing about stuff I eat, stuff I cook, and stuff I drink but if something else out of this scope Trips My Trigger, I plan on talking about it. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. I am in no means any form of accomplished writer and at times can be long winded but I really enjoy sharing my views on things that interest me and love hearing what your views are as well. Feel free to contact me by email, follow me on Twitter or Facebook and lets get to know each other and talk all things feed and beer!


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